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Data Analytics – transform DATA into INSIGHT

A pile of data is no good if it can't help you take action and make well-informed decisions. We pride ourselves on being able to unpick key insights in any research project.

Get the most out of your market research data by letting Robust Insight analyse the results for you.

Our easy to follow three step programme is sure to give you the confidence you need to act on your results and promote future business growth.

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STEP 1: Send us your data

Send us your raw data file in Microsoft Excel or SPSS format

One of our statistical consultants will clean your data file and prepare it for analysis

STEP 2: Let us create an analysis plan for you

We create bespoke analysis plans for all projects. We have a range of analysis solutions to choose from to glean the most insight from your data. These include:-

  • Frequency tables
  • Cross-tabulations
  • Sub-groups analysis
  • Confidence intervals
  • Statistical significance testing
  • Mean scores
  • Key driver analysis (regression)
  • Cluster analysis
  • Text Analytics

STEP 3: Choose your reporting style

We produce a professional and stylish presentation of your results in Microsoft PowerPoint or PDF format.

We integrate your logo and corporate colours into our charts and presentation design.

We ensure your presentation tells a story and draws actionable and commercially-viable recommendations.

Contact us today to find out more about how Robust Research & Insight can assist you with data analytics.