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Multinationals and blue chip organisations

We have worked with a number of large private companies in the UK, Germany, Australia, New Zealand and the Middle East. We have expertise in a range of industries including financial services, retail, FMCG, automotive, oil & gas and media/PR. When working with large private companies we ensure our recommendations are commercially-viable and feed into strategic plans to ensure sustained business growth. We also identify priority improvement areas to ensure future investments have maximum impact on business performance.

Public sector and social enterprises

We have worked with a number of local councils, health authorities, police forces and social enterprises over the last two years. We focus on helping the public sector get the most out of their research budget by providing expert insight and analysis services, often when fieldwork has already been completed. We give public sector decision makers new insights and direction so they have the tools to maximise their performance, often with limited budgets.

Universities and academic institutions

Attracting the best students and guiding them successfully into the workplace has never been more important for universities and academic institutions. We have worked with a number of UK universities recently to help them measure student satisfaction and reasons for accepting offers from certain institutions. We have also worked with a number of universities, vocational colleges and high schools in the Middle East to help understand student careers aspirations and motivations.

Small and medium sized enterprises

We believe professionally designed market research and insight should be available to businesses of all sizes. We have recently developed a number of strategies to help SMEs gain a better understanding of their customer base. These include surveys via social media and text message surveys we can be better suited to SMEs who have a desire to conduct research on a limited budget.

Start-up businesses

In order for start-ups to mitigate risk and protect investments it is becoming more and more important for them to conduct exploratory market research. A detailed understanding of the competitive environment, customer perceptions and consumer trends means decisions can be made with greater confidence. We have recently developed a consumer panel for start-ups to gain feedback from their potential customer base, through surveys or focus groups.

Internet only businesses

Many businesses are purely based online and we have a range of research services to suit the needs of these businesses. These include website ‘pop-up’ surveys, email surveys, polls and online qualitative discussion forums.

Marketing and market research consultancies

We partner with a number of other marketing and research consultancies in the UK and overseas who use our expertise to help them complete all or part of a project. Much of the time we provide advanced analysis support on projects requiring regression, segmentation or text analytics. We also provide qualitative support in the form of focus groups or depth interviews.

HR and training consultancies

We also partner with a number of HR and training consultancies. We have recently worked on projects to identify national talent, measure employee engagement, evaluate onboarding processes for new staff and assess the impact of training programmes.