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Undertaking customer research is of vital importance to most businesses as they seek to put the customer at the heart of their decision-making. Modern, successful businesses need to find out as much information as they can about their existing, potential and lapsed customers.

Many companies lose half of their customers every five years and just a small increase in customer loyalty will increase profits in any business.

Here at Robust Insight we specialise in customer satisfaction and customer experience management.

We track customer satisfaction using four key measures:-

  1. Overall satisfaction with your products/services
  2. Advocacy - how likely your customers are to recommend your products and services. Are your customers' promoters, passives or detractors?
  3. Loyalty - how likely are your customers to use your products/services in the future?
  4. Satisfaction with Value for money

Evaluating your customer touchpoints

We evaluate key touchpoints in the customer journey to identify strengths and weaknesses in the service your customers receive. These key touchpoints can be any interaction customers have with your business. Some examples may include:-

  • Satisfaction with your online ordering process
  • Satisfaction with after sales service
  • Satisfaction with the time it took to be served in store
  • Satisfaction with the friendliness of staff

Once we have decided on the key touchpoints in your business, we ask customers to rank these in order of importance. Using sub-group analysis our insight experts identify how satisfied different users of your business are with the touchpoints in your customer journey. Satisfaction can vary widely across sub-groups and we break the data down using demographic and internal customer information.

Insights and recommendations

Our analysis does not stop there! Our final step is to use our expert consultancy services to tell you exactly what you need to do to boost satisfaction in areas where it is low. We do this by including a number of open questions where your customers can tell us in their own words what was great about their experience and what they would like to see improved in the future.

Using these valuable customer comments we use text analytics to identify what your customers are talking about and what sentiment they attach to this.

Once we have identified the main customer verbatim categories we then conduct route-cause analysis to find out exactly what your customers liked/disliked about your website, call centre, products, staff etc. We then turn this verbatim into actionable recommendations that your business can take forward to improve customer satisfaction and ultimately build future growth.

Take a look at our Call Centre Customer Experience Example Survey today