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For many projects qualitative market research techniques are the best approach for getting consumer opinion and feedback. We undertake a wide range of qualitative methodologies including -

Online Focus Groups

  • We invite 6-10 of your customers to join an online focus group to discuss your business in more depth and share opinions and ideas
  • Gain deeper insight as research shows respondents open up more online than in person
  • This is the fastest and cheapest way of gaining qualitative feedback as no travel or accommodation costs are involved

Face to Face Focus Groups

  • We invite 6-8 of your customers to attend a neutral venue (i.e. hotel conference facility) to share opinions on your products and services in person
  • Face to face groups are significantly more expensive than online focus groups

Depth Interviews in person or over the phone

  • Great to discuss sensitive issues respondents may not want to talk about in the context of a group e.g. addiction, personal debt

For more advice on choosing the best methodology for your research contact us.