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Over the course of many research projects Robust Insight has developed unique insights into best-practice methods of measuring, assessing and influencing employee engagement. We use highly flexible online survey and reporting tools to deliver the quality, practicality and insights that you want.

Engaged employees understand your business goals and objectives. They say great things about working for your business, would not think about leaving and strive to go the extra mile. They take less sick leave, generate higher revenue and are committed to doing their best work for you.

Based on our experience and best practice industry techniques we have developed a bespoke employee engagement questionnaire library. This includes over 100 employee engagement questions across 11 key categories:-

  • The Organisation, Strategy and Culture
  • Communication
  • My Work
  • Management
  • Leadership
  • Opportunities
  • Reward
  • Recognition
  • Training and Development
  • Quality of Life
  • Teamwork

Please CLICK HERE to download 100+ Employee Engagement Survey Questions for free.

We also provide expert consultancy on implementing and activating the results of the your employee engagement survey. Our four step approach consists of:-

  1. Communicating the results back to employees
  2. Workshops to get to the heart of engagement
  3. Pinpointing best practice
  4. Action planning