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7 stages from non-customer to customer

Brand Purchase Ladder

It is essential for any company to understand how its products and services are perceived by non-customers. If a company can extend its appeal beyond its current customer base, it can expect to boost customer numbers and grow long term profits.

To measure how non-customers view your brand we have developed a brand purchase ladder, where your business can set benchmarks to develop today's non-customers into tomorrow's brand loyal customers.

We achieve this by measuring key milestones in the brand purchase ladder.

  1. Pre-awareness - consumer has no awareness and no previous contact with the brand
  2. Aided Awareness - consumer is aware of the brand when it is presented in front of them
  3. Unaided Awareness - the brand is now top of mind for the consumer
  4. Familiarity with brand - the consumer is knowledgeable about the brand
  5. Favourability of the brand - the consumer is favourable to the brand
  6. Consideration - the brand is on the consumer's consideration set
  7. Decision and purchase - the brand is now one which the consumer wants to purchase

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