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Text Analytics allows us to provide you with a universal picture of your business from a customer's view. Also called 'text mining', this process allows us to extract data from text information. This could be open ended questions in surveys, posts within social media or information on review sites.

We all understand that there is a wealth of valuable information held within all this text, but getting to grips with this text in a scientific manner, before text analytics, was extremely difficult and costly.

How does text analytics work?

The text analytics service from Robust Research & Insight converts text based verbatim into insight by transforming all sources of customer and consumer feedback using Natural Language Processing (NLP).

We can categorise content, perform sentiment scoring and conduct situational analysis though a variety of interfaces, including:-

  • Open questions in surveys
  • Social media
  • Review sites
  • Emails/Chats/Blogs

This insight can be maximised by integrating structured and unstructured data e.g. combining text information with quantitative data

This allows us to identify strategic areas of importance for existing or prospective clients and analyse customer comments to identify actions

This gives us the opportunity to provide well-informed recommendations on the tactical levers companies need to pull to improve customer experience.

To see a sample text analytics presentation click here


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